The Tech Cult is a new age digital media platform and the source for digital culture, innovation and it’s impact on people. We thrive at the intersection of digital technologies, human interactions and media coverage. We cover all aspects of technology ranging from startups and emerging tech to digital marketing components such as SEO, social media etc. Our community size is about 50,000 including 10,000+ on Facebook, 6,000+ on Twitter, 4,000+ on Instagram and newsletter subscriptions etc.

Who are our readers?

• Small & Medium Business Owners

• Brand Managers, CMOs, CTOs and CIOs

• Startup Founders

• Digital Marketing & Web Consultants

• Digital Marketing & Web Agency Owners

• Digital Marketing & Web Technology Interns / Students

Why Advertise with us?

• Reach out to relevant group of people and your target audience.

• Multiple ad options available from traditional display ads to sponsored posts.

• In-house designers & copywriters to help you with call to actions & ad creatives.

Key Facts

• More than 60% of visitors are from North America and Europe.

• USA is our largest audience network by location.

• More than 30% of visitors use mobile devices.

• Organic traffic sources ensuring highly targeted audience group.

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