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She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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5 Effective Content Amplification Strategies

Content Amplification Strategies

Amplifying content can be great when you plan to use it to optimize your website. Good quality content gives websites the scope to create a brand image effectively that is quite helpful in the long run. The increasing shift from traditional to online market has given a mega boost to content volume. Thus, marketers are adopting content amplification strategies to optimize their chances to get the target audience click on their websites.


Content amplification includes a number of elements of a website. Blogs, ebooks, video blogs, newsletters etc., every element needs to be amplified to make the best impression for your website. A website with awesome content will not be useful if you have a low traffic to your website. Here is where content amplification works. There are a number of tools and features available online that help marketers to create the best content marketing strategy for their website. These count among the best content amplification strategies making it visible to the target audience in the long run.

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The change in the search engine algorithms are so frequent that it becomes difficult for marketers to keep up with the change. While many websites get penalized for their poor content or spammy links, very few are able to take the blow of a new update. In situations like these, content amplification strategies are rather necessary element to increase the chances of the website to be visible.

Industry influencers

Industry influencers are the first set of people whom marketers turn to when optimizing content through content amplification. Even before you plan to promote your content, ask yourself “will I read the content if I were the target audience?” The answer to this question is very important and it will give you the idea whether your content is of the top standards.

Industry influencers are powerful people with all the latest knowledge about your industry. Thus make sure that you give true and updated facts in your content. Poor content with wrong or half done information would only reduce your chances to be shared be spoken about by the infleuncers.

If you wish content amplification strategies to work, create top class contents with unique information that the influencers and your target audience would love to know.

Connect with target audience

Your target audience is of prime importance to you and your website. Establishing a powerful connection with your target audience and building a relation of trust is necessary if you wish to create a band of loyal customers in the long run.

Effective Content Amplification Strategies

Connecting with your target audience can be done through social media as well as through the blogs and emails. Be prompt in answering to queries and comments made by your audience. Your promptness would indicate the fact that you care and attend to your audience diligently.
With a satisfied group of audience at your disposal, you can then ask them to share your contents to others as well. No marketing tool or strategy works better than a group of audience who are pleased with your product or service. This is one of the most powerful content amplification strategies that marketers can use.

Share the best

You might be writing 3 or 30 blog posts each day. However, it is not necessary that each of your blog would be outstanding. The number of blogs that you share each day too is of little consequence when it comes to content amplification. In the increasingly complex world of content marketing, good quality content too is not good enough. What audience now seek is the best quality content that provides unique value to the audience.

Thus when you plan content amplification strategies which would result in conversion, sharing the best of your content is the only option for you. Take up snippets of the best elements of your blog. Share them on the social network promote them well.

A strategically promoted snippet from your best blog is bound to bring good traffic to your website that is ready to convert.

Monitor competitors

Monitoring your industry competitors too is immensely helpful in content amplification strategies. It provides you a clear idea of what is trending and what content is getting the highest views. This technique is also known as the Skyscraper Technique.

In this technique you need to access your competitors and influencers and their content to see what kind of contents are the most trending and what your target audience is likely to read. Once your have the information at hand, you can then add more insightful information within those topics and then publish it as your own post.

This content amplification strategies are good when you are desparate for traffic to your website as this helps in creating conversion.

Pulling in niche communities

Contents are of two major kinds. One that is created for a more generalised viewership. This is simple to understand can be read by all types of audience. The other group of contents are created for specialized study and focus a particular group of audience only. The contents in these kind of blogs or website are in-depth and consists of detailed information on a particular topic. For example – The Mashable blog posts contents that includes all forms of news and articles. However, if we take the Moz blog, it is entirely focused on search engine marketing and optimization. Thus it serves to a niche community who are interested in search engine optimization and marketing.

When your focus is just to increase traffic, you can post contents that are more generalised and can be viewed by a larger group of audience. However, when you target conversion and ROI from your content, you need to focus on a rather niche community and post contents that would be favourable to that community resulting in traffic as well as conversion.

When you keep working on the content amplification strategies you would find new and innovative ways to improve your content so that they reach to a higher number of audiences and generate effective conversion. Good content and powerful content marketing and content amplification strategies are bound to push your website to the higher pages in the search engine.



06 Jan 2016, 07:16 pm

about the author

She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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