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Using Dynamic Remarketing For Brand Promotion

Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing is a simple term that defines the promotion of brands to existing customers and/or customers who have made a previous purchase of your product. Dynamic remarketing takes the element of remarketing a step further by displaying products and pages to customers that they had seen or visited in your website.

Dynamic remarketing has become a household name for online retail businesses and ecommerce websites setting retail products. However, of late, many other medium and large business enterprises too have started to implement this method of promotion for their business growth.


Dynamic remarketing lets you display products to visitors who have already visited your website. This increases the chances of these visitors converting into customers as they might have left your website without making any purchase. Dynamic remarketing lets you to subtly push your ads to your customers compelling them to take the next step.

Using dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing requires you to fulfill few essential guidelines before you can actually implement it in your promotional campaign.

Use of images

Marketing and promotion is an easy task to undergo. However, making your ads visible to the target audience is the main challenge that calls for various forms of promotional practices. One of the most powerful features of promotion is images and videos. These are great elements that help in creating an engaging and compelling ad. Images and videos tend to make ads more attractive and eye-catching. In dynamic remarketing ads attach feeds and cookies from your product pages to the visitors sites and systems. This helps your ads to be displayed in various other web pages even when the audience is searching for other elements. This helps in your products get noticed thus increasing chances of conversion.

Studies suggest that dynamic remarketing of products using images and videos shows a higher rate of conversion and better generation of ROI than simple textual ads.

Track shopping cart abandoners

Shopping carts form an important tool in your ecommerce website. It is through this tool that consumers can take the next step and carry on their purchase. However, if one tracks Google analytics it is not hard to get the figures of the number of interested consumers leaving your website from the shopping cart page. This abandonment of the shopping carts if not checked at the earliest can turn worse for your business in the long run.

Tracking shopping cart abandoners and working on bringing them back to your website is crucial. These audiences had at one point of time intended or tried to make a purchase. However, the purchase process was abandoned midway. Tracking these shoppers and promoting your products through dynamic remarketing provides you with a greater circle of convertible customers who are actually aware of your product and like them.

Spend less on casual visitors

When you are in the online business and run an ecommerce site, chances of you encountering casual visitors to your site regularly are quite high. These visitors are not your target audience and usually are not interested in purchasing any of your product. They might browse through your website without taking any active interest in any of your product. Remarketing your products to these audiences is not lucrative for your business.

Dynamic Remarketing For Brand Promotion

Dynamic remarketing involves the investment of funds for the promotion of your product pages to your target audience. These bids can be of any amount and for any specific time. However, investing your promotional funds to bid on product pages for casual visitors can be counted as a total waste of your marketing budget. These casual visitors might never make a return visit or make a purchase from your website. However, promoting your business is never harmful. Thus, it is necessary that you detect these casual visitors at the earliest and determine a small marketing budget for these.

Monitor demography

The age, gender, geo-location etc. plays an important role when you create your dynamic remarketing campaign. These elements form the very basic features based on which you can segregate and frame your remarketing ad campaigns. When you generate a remarketing ad campaign your aim is to bring in past visitors who have at some point of time visited your website. These audiences have shown a genuine interest in your products but have failed to make any purchase at that point.

When you begin your dynamic remarketing campaign, you have the power of knowledge about your audience. You can thus segregate the audience based on different variables like age, gender, geo-location, psychology, likes and preferences. Tracking down their social activity too puts some light on their attitudes and needs. This simplifies your campaign creation for dynamic remarketing.

Dynamic remarketing is a prime tool in promotion of products especially for ecommerce websites. As dynamic remarketing is gaining in importance, more and more online marketers are using this tool of promotion. Here are few major reasons why dynamic remarketing has gained a significant position in the marketing sector.

• Dynamic remarketing helps in reaching out to the most highly focused target audience. These audiences are aware of your product and show a high inclination of making a purchase. Thus conversion rates through dynamic remarketing are quite high.

• This form of remarketing helps you to reach out to a huge audience base who are your prospective customers. With Google Search Engine at your disposal, you can easily use the information from your Google Analytics to reach out to your target audience.

• Dynamic remarketing allows you to create ads for free. Thus you can create multiple ads using images, multimedia and videos and promote them through your remarketing campaign.

• This promotional form gives you greater control on your promotional ads. Thus, you can decide when and where your ads should be displayed. You can choose the time when your target audience is the most active. You can also place the ads where you feel these would have the highest visibility. You can also decide what price you want to bid on each ad thus giving you better control over your marketing funds as well.



24 May 2016, 06:57 pm

about the author

She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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