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Email Marketing Best Practices: How You Need To Plan It!

Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing has long since existed as a major channel of versatile marketing. Personalisation and customization are two of the most important features if email marketing makes it a versatile channel. However, the emergence of social media has overshadowed even the email marketing best practices.

The social media being a huge platform with access to millions of users, finding your target audience in social media is easier. However, while social media is quite useful, it does not provide the element of personalisation that email marketing best practices provide.


Email marketing provides you access to your target audience directly. This gives you a higher and a better opportunity to connect with them. Using inspiring email marketing best practices also influences the audience to take action which in turn leads to the generation of leads and conversion. With over 2.5 billion people accessing the internet, email marketing is one potent marketing channel that is a necessity in today’s rapid tech development.

Better customer acquisition

The online world provides a number of marketing tools and channels that marketers can use to promote their products. These include search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and email marketing best practices. The former three types of marketing can reach to a huge number of audience within a short span of time. However, the conversion ratio through such kind of marketing is quite low. While these channels are great to make your target audience aware of your product and brand, they seldom generate conversion.

Email marketing has earned the repute of being one of the best channels for customer acquisition. Studies conducted by Custora suggest that email marketing is more effective in generating loyal customers as well as supporters for your brand. Conversion through email marketing best practices has increased manifolds over the past few years. Around 7% of the total conversion is derived from email marketing.

Connecting at personal level

Ads on social media or search engines are prepared for a dynamic group of audience. Thus while it does promote the brand, it fails to address any personalized need that the product provides. Email marketing best practices help in connecting to the audiences at a personal level. Each of your marketing email is directed to a particular audience group. Each of these groups have similar likes, needs and wants. Thus you can create different marketing emails with information that would be beneficial to each group.

Addressing your customers with their names tend to give an added boost to your email marketing efforts. Research suggests that emails addressed with names have a higher chance to be opened and read. This helps better connect you with your audience at a personal level.

Builds trust

Old Email Marketing Best Practices

Emails are directed towards a single audience. Thus it would address the need of that audience. A strategically created marketing email can conveniently help in establishing a strong relationship between you and your audience. Email marketing best practices help in instilling the elements trust and loyalty among the target audience. This helps in creating a band of customers who further help in generating new prospects, customers and leads, thus boosting your business.

Mobile accessibility

When it comes to online marketing, accessibility is a major feature than can make or break your brand and business. Social media is a powerful tool to reach a huge number of audience at a single point of time. However, you are not the only brand promoting on social sites. Often the huge noise of the millions of brand tends to drown out your marketing efforts.

The increasing use of mobile devices has benefited the old email marketing best practices too. While emails where previously accessible on mobile devices, Google has already introduced the Gmail app that allows users to access emails directly with a single tap. This improved accessibility on mobile devices has increased the chances of people viewing their marketing emails as soon as they are sent. This also improves your conversion rate and scalability. According to over 49% of emails were accessed from mobile devices in 2015. This number is only likely to increase as more and more people shift to mobile devices for their daily internet activity.

Appeals aesthetically

The aesthetic appeal of a marketing email is very necessary when you are looking for ways to convert your leads into customers. The visual effect of an email can be intense enough for your audience to decide whether or not to be your customer. Creating an interesting and visually appealing email, while making use of email marketing best practices, not only compels your audience to take an action but also helps in building trust. A poorly designed email, is not appealing and might even be looked upon as spam. Thus aesthetic appeal is a necessary element that email marketing needs to adhere to in the world of increasing competition on visual appeal.

Measurable tracking

Email marketing best practices allow marketers easy tracking facility. A number of email marketing tools available online provide easy tracking of marketing emails. Thus you are provided with information on who read your emails and who didn’t. You are also provided with information like the URLs and links that have been clicked, and the number of users who subscribed and unsubscribed from your email marketing campiagn. These also allow you to A/B test your emails to check which ones work the best among your target audience. Thus it helps in improving your overall email campaign and effectiveness of your marketing emails. Monitoring your marketing emails with these tools also give you an insight into your entire marketing campaign as a whole.

Interactive emails for better response

While using the old email marketing best practices, the marketers are working on creating interactive emails that would contain interactive features within the emails. Google is already working on offering its users media query and style support from Gmail. Once introduced, this feature would be more interactive providing audience an even more personalised promotional experience right on their email interface.

The style support feature would be a boon to web-based businesses as it would allow marketers to display their products and offers in a better manner directly on the emails. The media query support would enhance media streaming and playback on the email itself preventing the audience the trouble of being redirected to other web pages.

The systematic approach along with the personalised feature that email marketing provides is hard to ignore. While many new marketing trends might be emerging every year, the good old email marketing best practices are here to stay at least in the forthcoming years now.



20 Apr 2016, 05:22 pm

about the author

She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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