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She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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Ethical Digital Marketing: How Important Is It For Online Survival

Ethical Digital Marketing

In the world of cut throat competition and raging cold wars between brands, ethics, both personal and business, has nearly lost its significance. Every brand is pushing its way into the digital marketing platform to make the most out of its various channels. While ethical digital marketing plays a crucial role in the business survival, the need to make it to the top often overshadows its importance.

The urge to score high in the search engine and social media has made many brands ignore ethical digital marketing. Black hat SEO techniques are often rampant with brands looking for instant success in the digital marketing platform. However, it is necessary to know that ethical digital marketing though slow, have its own rewards. One of the most promising elements of ethical digital marketing is improvement and recognition of your brand in the long run.


Many marketers are of the view that ethical marketing can hardly be related to higher profit. Negating such an idea it has been proven that a strategized ethical digital marketing practice can help improve your brand image and boost your profit margin. The ethical ways in which a business is conducted often reflect in its promotional techniques and their impact on its target audience. Thus, business ethics do play a major role in making your business significant in the online world.

Social ethics in marketing

The social ethics of a brand plays a significant role in building the reputation of your business. It includes elements that a business promotes and what messages the promotional ads convey to the target audience. Positive social ethics implemented in a business helps in instilling and encouraging a positive attitude among the people concerned with the business. This includes your stakeholders, consumers, the society and your employees as well.

Social ethics and its maintenance should be the prime concern of a marketer. The marketer crafts and creates an ethical business practice that the team members need to follow. This also helps in communicating the organization’s social ethics to the target audience thus creating a positive impact upon them and the society.

Defining your ethical policy

The ethical policy that you or your organisation or your business decides to follow should have a solid foundation. When you perform ethical digital marketing, a clearly structured framework of your entire ethical policy should be in writing. A properly written policy is easy to put to action and be stuck to than a verbal one.

Evaluate and define the policy that you want to implement into your digital marketing campaigns. The policy that you implement will also define the behaviour of your organisation and its members and how it functions. Your behaviour in the social network and search engine also reflects your ethical policies and how your organisation adopts it.

Encompass your entire organization

Importance Of Ethical Digital Marketing

Just crafting and writing your policies on ethical digital marketing is not enough. Once your entire policy is created, it requires to be circulated throughout your organisation. Encompassing your entire organization with clearly defined ethical digital marketing policies lets it percolate throughout all the hierarchical layers of your business. This lets your policies to be embedded internally helping in a positive attitude and communication among the employees as well as with the target audience.

Encourage ethical shout outs

When you associate yourself with ethical digital marketing policies, you tend to create a positive impact among all your stakeholders. This also guarantees the genuinity and originality of your business. This however, can quite easily be achieved if you encourage ethical shout outs among your team members. You can ask them to promote your ethical digital policies within their social media profiles. The contribution of their voice for your business ethics will be an added boost to your brand and your business.

Transparency and honesty

Transparency and honesty are two chief elements in ethical digital marketing. Transparency is a vital element is all business practice. It helps in establishing a relation of trust and geniality between the business and the community as well as within the employees in the organisation. Honest business practice is crucial in surviving the increasingly fake world of the online market. With search engines regularly and frequently updating its algorithm, genuine and honest business practice is vital to stay within the search engine page to say the least.

Transparency in business practice encourages open interaction and communication between business and customers. It also gives a powerful ground to criticize your product or business and allows you to accept the criticism at the same time. Thus, transparency and honesty helps to create a constructive business policy with value and integrity.

Review and update policies

The digital marketing platform is an ever changing and frequently evolving world. This dynamic characteristic of digital platforms creates the need to keep the policies and guidelines updated. This also includes the policies revolving around ethical digital marketing. The ever changing digital marketing platform needs the policies to be reviewed each year to accommodate the new terms and conditions that are introduced with every update of the search engines, social media networks, email marketing, and other digital marketing platforms.

In the increasingly competitive world of online business, it has become impertinent that business owners and marketers adopt ethical digital marketing policies in their business operation. Crafting the ethical digital marketing policy requires the involvement of not only the business owners but also the team members, employees, and customers. This helps in creating a transparent marketing policy that would benefit the business as well as the customers and help in establishing a powerful organization that is run with trust and honesty. This would further improve the credibility of your business thus scaling it through the search engine.



27 May 2016, 07:16 pm

about the author

She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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