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An ardent soccer-lover, he also loves to pen down on different social and current events. His flair for creative writing opens him to various kinds of subjects. One of his favorite leisure activities is listening to music from all genres.

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Good Thought Leadership Content: How It Aids Your Business?

Good Thought Leadership Content

Content is, no doubt, one of the chief features of a website that makes it attractive, engaging and compelling for the target audience. However, the element of thought leadership content should not be confused with an average marketing and promotional content. While an average promotional content is created for business promotion, good thought leadership content is generally read by business executives or business owners and is exclusive for a particular group of audience.

Marketing or promotional contents are necessary in boosting the presence of a website of a product among the target audience. However, it is not to be confused with good thought leadership content. Thought leadership content is a niche within promotional content that is inspiring and helps in improving ones business acumen.


Thought leadership contents are generally inspirational and educative contents written by industry influencers. These content pieces do not tend to promote any brand or business. Instead these help small and medium level businesses, by providing them ways and techniques to grow their business. Startups too, tend to benefit a lot from good thought leadership content by adapting the business techniques that such contents publish.

Basic features of good thought leadership content:

i. Creation

Creation is the first and foremost feature of of good thought leadership content. A thought leadership content creator performs rigorous research and creates unique and inspiring contents for their target audience. The content creator is free to create contents that he/she feels is important and would help the audience to gain knowledge to perform better. Unlike marketing contents that compel audience to take an action, which mostly involves purchase of a product, thought leadership content are not bound to be on any particular product or service. These are free and inspirational write-ups by independent authors who put out their thoughts, knowledge and know hows for readers who has a genuine interest in implementing them in their businesses.

ii. Language

For the promotion of a product, marketers tend to use typically ornate languages that are long and sometimes even vague. While the use of ornate languages can be great for promotional write-ups, the language for good thought leadership content should be short and crisp.

Good Thought Leadership Content For Online Business

Thought leadership contents are to educate readers about various business ethics, tactics and ideas. As understanding and guiding forms the basic for these type of contents, the language used by thought leaders are short and simple. Overtly complex language and use of jargons are to be avoided strictly to make the best possible impact among the readers.

iii. Answering the challenges

Thought leaders are industry influencers who have extensive knowledge and experience on a certain niche within an industry. Thus, their contents mostly revolve around answering a certain problem or finding a solution to a problem. These problems are mostly challenges that business owners face on a regular basis. The thought leaders being experienced professionals on various fields often provide their audience with simple solutions even to major and complex problems. This information should be valuable enough for the audience to apply in their business. Providing solutions that have proven successful when applied in various situations are better appreciated and gives the thought leader an authority over the topic.

iv. Focus on contribution

Thought leaders are industry influencers. Thus they are already a familiar face within a particular industry. Contributing good thought leadership content for self promotion is not amiable for top industry influencers who already have a large group of followers. Thus rather than self promotion, thought leaders should focus on ways on how their write-ups can contribute to the development of business.

A piece of good thought leadership content is not about pitching for your sales or getting your business promoted. It is intended for the betterment of business through unique ideas and thoughts which can only be achieved through years of experience by working within a certain industry or cause.

v. Opinionated controversy

A basic and distinguishable feature of good thought leadership content is that it is opinionated. With the industry top notches providing their opinions through contents, leadership contents mostly communicate the opinion of the author. These topics are often controversial with though leaders providing their own edge and perspective within the topic. Controversial topics with fresh or unexpected opinion attract the audience’s attention boosting readership. The opinions and thoughts of industry influencers on different companies or trending topics often forms an interesting read as audiences as able to know and understand the various perspectives of a single topic.

vi. Using live examples

Examples, data, figures and statistics form an important part of a good thought leadership content. Examples and data are collected from real time and situations that have been faced by the leaders themselves. These thus form powerful contents that help the audiences get a better outlook and understanding of the entire contents.

Examples are also helpful in providing solution to audience especially to small and medium business owners. Case studies from thought leaders help readers to relate their business and situation. They can draw examples and solutions from such examples by relating their own business to that of the examples provided in the leadership content.

Good thought leadership content is considered to be one of the prime tools for online business. However, unlike other contents used for promotion, thought leadership content does not pitch for any promotional effort. Rather, it provides information and knowledge about how to run a business. The contents also highlight the challenges that an entrepreneur might face during a business growth and expansion and ways and techniques to overcome such situations.



30 May 2016, 06:35 pm

about the author

An ardent soccer-lover, he also loves to pen down on different social and current events. His flair for creative writing opens him to various kinds of subjects. One of his favorite leisure activities is listening to music from all genres.

About Arijit
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