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She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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How Can Good Guest Posts Boost Blog Traffic

Content marketing is considered one of the prime elements of digital marketing. If you have a blog, pulling in traffic to it will always be your first priority. Blogs are perhaps the most powerful source of content marketing given the vast amount of information that can be accumulated through it. Thus marketers often engage various promotional elements including guest posts as guest posts boost blog traffic.

With millions of marketers operating business in the online market, blogs have become an imperative element as a promotional tool. Almost every business now, has a blog that is used to provide information as well as boost traffic to a site. The changing search engine algorithm has made rank boosting quite challenging. This has been one of the prime reasons why marketers resort to guest posts, as guest posts boost blog traffic.


Establishing relation

Guest posting is a great way of connecting and establishing relation with other bloggers. You can post your blogs and e-articles on various other blog sites. Sharing your thoughts and ideas with other bloggers encourages you to learn and know more. It also helps others to know what your thoughts and views are regarding a particular topic or idea. The common sharing of thoughts and ideas helps in creating meaningful conversation that forms interesting reads for the target audience.

Sharing these articles on social media can be highly beneficial especially when you are looking for ways to in which guest posts boost guest posts. Once you start establishing powerful relation with other bloggers you automatically get noticed by the social influencers who sometimes take notice of your conversation and blogs.

Relevant keyword in guest posts boost blog traffic

Relevant keywords are very important when you plan to boost your blog. Good guest posts boost blog traffic because you can use specific keywords that is relevant to the field that your blog is about. This immensely boosts your SEO efforts.

Keywords are the main elements that your target audience uses to search for a relevant topic. Using powerful keywords that have a high search ratio and has low competition, often form the best keywords to be used. You can use such keywords in your guest posts which helps boost your relevancy within the blog as well as in the search engine. Search engine bots frequently crawl web pages and index them. Whenever search is made on a specific keyword, these bots help pull out links and blogs that are most relevant to the searched word or phrase. Highly matching words or words with highest relevance tend to be displayed in the first pages of the search engine result pages.

Using interesting information

How Guest Posts Boost Blog Traffic

When you are guest blogging on someone else’s website, you are trying to make your mark within that website as well. Guest posts boost blog traffic to a great deal. So guests posts on multiple websites is a great way to make your blogs reach to audience who are not direct and regular visitors to your blog. However, making a different audience read your blog is challenging. Many visitors refrain from going through blogs by unknown or lesser known authors. Overcoming this can be simple if you know the correct way.

Using an interesting blog topic is the first feature that is necessary in your guest post. Use a title that immediately catches the attention of your audience. For example, the title “you won’t believe what happened when I used this keyword for 3 weeks…” will be an attention grabber. It ignites an excitement and compels the audience to click on the blog to read the entire blog. Once you have them within your blog, input interesting and engaging information that are unique to your posts. Exclusive information would make the audience interested in your blog and thus help your guests posboost blog traffic.

Try connecting with readers

When you write guest blogs, you aim at pulling the audience to your post which in turn helps draw traffic to your website. Thus when your guest posts boost blog traffic, make sure that the blog you write is easy to understand and decipher. A blog with use of complex, highly technical words will not keep the audience engaged for too long. Complex blogs would only add to your bounce rate.
Try using simple words within your blogs. Use terms and words which are simple and can be easily understood by your audience. Be clear about the purpose of your guest post. Ensure that you are able to clearly give out the message or information to your target audience. Provide social links within or at the end of your posts so that your audience are able to connect to you on your social profile.

Target multiple blogs for guest posts

Writing guest posts for big high authority websites is obviously beneficial. However, these websites often posts high quality and competitive articles by influential authors. This might result in you post getting hidden under big names.

Smaller websites that have a relatively good traffic are the best places where guest posts boost blog traffic. These sites have a selected niche and set of topics which they work on. Thus when you guest post on such blog sites, you can choose topics that are relevant to the website. This ensures that visitors to that particular blog would go through your blog too. The target audience within these sites are homogenous in their likes and preferences. Thus it is easier for you to write for a focused group of audience who have similar interests. This also increases your chance to pull audience to your website through guest posts.

Reply to comments on your post

Replying to the different comments and feedback that you receive on your guest posts should never be ignored. Your guest posts are a way for you to connect with a wider range of target audience. It allows you to interact and connect with different audience group.

Replying back and interacting with your audience through the comment section can often help in boosting your website’s traffic. If your audience find your blogs interesting enough and replies worthy enough, they would be interested in visiting your website. Thus guest posts boost blog traffic.

Guest post is a potent tool to reach out to a wider range of audience. It helps your blog in gaining a brand image. Consistency in guest posts helps in recognizing your brand and carving out a niche of your business in the online market.



10 May 2016, 07:11 pm

about the author

She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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