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An ardent soccer-lover, he also loves to pen down on different social and current events. His flair for creative writing opens him to various kinds of subjects. One of his favorite leisure activities is listening to music from all genres.

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Get More Leads On Twitter With These 5 Simple Strategies

Leads On Twitter

Twitter, the well known social networking giant, connects you to one of the largest social communities. It provides a public forum where people connect and exchange views, and stay updated. When we talk about being updated, we also mean updated about the latest brands – a research has proven that around 42% of the Twitter users follow certain brands on the social networking media. And this percentage of followers again points to the leads on Twitter that these brands are able to generate.

As an entrepreneur, you should grab this golden opportunity to promote your brand better through Twitter. Here are 5 simple but efficient strategies which will definitely help you attract and get more leads on Twitter.


Closely monitor users who mention not only your brand, but also your competitor and your product category

Ensure that you stay updated about any mentions of your brand on Twitter by using a social media monitoring tool. Using this tool, you can also be aware of your competitor and your product category. Doing this enables you to track leads on Twitter- the ones that are already attracted to your brand.

It’s not always that users would be mentioning you through your Twitter handle. For situations like this, it’s important to set up an efficient system to catch these “mentions without handles” and give replies. Don’t expect to get only positive reviews though, and brace up for a lot of criticism. Just remember, if you spend your time on these users, you’ll get potential customers.

Awario is one such a social media monitoring tool that helps with to set up a monitoring system. It tracks the real time mentions of your chosen keywords and helps you in engaging with your potential customers, thus helping you to generate more leads on Twitter.

Actively participate in Twitter chats

Twitter chats prove to be influential in attracting niche communities. While I definitely won’t advice you to hard-sell your brands on Twitter chats, what I would tell you is to give them a try. You should join a few conversation- you may as well find niche influencers there, and get to know people who are genuinely interested in your product.

The topic of the discussion is generally posted beforehand in Twitter chats, so you have to make sure that you have some great ideas to share. In case you don’t have one, it would be just as fine to listen to the conversation and then connect with these people later outside the chat.

How To Get More Leads On Twitter

After you are done with it, follow the participants you’ve connected with and make a list to gather all the key participants in one frame.

Share content that is retweetable

As an entrepreneur, you definitely know that your content should be unique, innovative and interesting to your audience. Apart from this very basic idea, there are some additional measures that you can adopt to widen the reach of your brand name and messages through re-tweets.

According to various studies, tweets with images attract a significantly greater leads on Twitter. Since Twitter predominantly is a text-based platform, images (or GIF) posts grab audience attention almost certainly. Also the 140 characters limit may not be enough to describe your views and brands, but an image can convey a message far better and easily.

The biggest mistake you can do is assume that your readers would know what you want them to do. Avoid this blunder- tell them; ask them to re-tweet your content.

Inspiring, thought-provoking quotes can prove to be a great way to get retweets. These quotes can be from your industry experts and thought leaders. Certain “teaser” quotes from your very own blog posts can work just as well in drawing a reader’s attention. The quotes should provide a certain insight into your work and content, and they should be catchy enough to grab hearts.

Run contests that would attract followers

Every time a contest is introduced, retweets and followers jump into the scene. You can quite safely term these contests as Twitter’s favourite hobby. You now need to utilize these contests to your own benefit to get more leads on Twitter.

Firstly, select a prize that’s attractive as well relevant to your brand at the same time. Don’t forget to use hashtags- the simple ones like #win as well as the ones that are more specific to your brand. These hashtags draw user attention and increase public engagement. Profile the winner/winners on your Twitter feed once the contest is over, and let all your readers know about any other future contest plans that you may have in mind.

Don’t forget to repeat your tweets

This is a very simple strategy to attract leads on Twitter, and also works wonderfully well.

The half-life of your tweet is only around 24 minutes, however amazing it might be. Sure enough, not many of your readers are likely to remain online within this little time frame. So, you need to repeat your tweets. Studies show that repeating tweets a couple of times generates more likes and retweets, and ultimately attracts more leads. Just be careful that you don’t spam your information every hour, and you will certainly attract new leads on Twitter.

Attracting leads on Twitter can be very difficult if you don’t follow certain tricks and rules. These simple strategies given above would definitely help you in attracting leads better. That said, only attracting new leads won’t do – you need convert them. For now, we just helped you getting your new leads efficiently.



18 Jun 2016, 03:34 pm

about the author

An ardent soccer-lover, he also loves to pen down on different social and current events. His flair for creative writing opens him to various kinds of subjects. One of his favorite leisure activities is listening to music from all genres.

About Arijit
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