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Monitoring Social Media Metrics For Best Business Output

Social media is the next most powerful platform after search engines now. The wide range of audience partnered with the increasing penetration throughout the globe has made it a much sought after platform for marketers and audiences alike. This has benefited marketers immensely as they are easily able to make vital business decisions by monitoring social media metrics.

Monitoring social media metrics gives the marketers insightful information about the various activities of the target audience. These information are great in making knowledgeable and informed business decisions.

If you look around, you would find hundreds of metrics from various social media networks. Each has its own unique property and serves a unique metric. However, choosing the ones that are important in your decision making process is necessary. No matter, your scale of operation, you would not require all the available metrics for your decision making process. Selecting and using the crucial few among them is enough to take the correct business decision.


Here you have the list for monitoring social media metrics for better output.

Social follower number

The first, most visible metric, of each of your social media profiles is the number of followers following you on your social pages.

In the competitive online market that reigns today, a marketer has to have more than a single social media profile. A single social profile would keep your follower number and your brand image caged up within a very small audience number. Multiple social profiles ensure that you are able to reach out to a varied mix of audience through the different social networks. However, not many marketers actively work toward monitoring social media metrics and increasing their social followers.

Promoting ads on your social sites and posting engaging updates and tweets are helpful in pulling in audience. As your social follower number increases, your brand image gets promoted on the online market. This helps in improving and boosting your business.

Search volume

Monitoring social media metrics includes your social page’s search volume as well. Regular, frequent and timed promotion of your brand in the social media would definitely reach out to your target audience. However, a proper and planned promotion campaign is necessary.

Monitoring Social Media Metrics

Regular exposure of your brand to your target audience is sure to arouse their curiosity. This increases the chances of your brand being searched by them in the social networks as well as in the search engines. Using analytics like Google Insights or monitoring social media metrics through relevant tools would provide you greater clarity and accurate numbers on the search made by the audience. You can keep a check on the search volume and make necessary changes if there is a drop in search.


The capacity of your social network page to keep your target audience engaged and hooked to it is crucial. Monitoring social media metrics includes the engagement quotient of your social page and whether it is able to keep the audience in the page for a minimum amount of time.

Targeting the correct audience group with proper and strategized promotional technique would ensure that you speak to the right audience. Your social engagement metrics highlight your social efforts and your promotional performance on the social networks. The average number of likes and shares that your posts get, helps in measuring your social media performance.

Return visitor

Returning visitors to your social site is a powerful indicator to the fact that your site is relevant and interesting. The absence of any useful or necessary information in your social profile is enough for your competitors to take away your audience. Thus you need to keep your social promotion and updates frequent, unique and interesting to make your audience keep returning to your social profile or website.

Besides monitoring social media metrics, you also need to keep an eye on returning visitors as they are immensely important for their tendency to become the loyal customers of your website. They often convert and also help in generating new visitors and customers to your site. Thus monitoring social media metrics is necessary for your business growth.


The number of conversion that is generated from your social profiles is a necessary metric to monitor. Conversion determines the actual number of your audience who has real interest in your product and has made a purchase within your website. Conversion is a vital metric that determines the quality of your product and how well you market it among your audience.

Conversion, however, doesn’t not always mean sales. It is your audience taking an action that you want them to undertake. It can be sharing a particular web page, reading an article or simply making a purchase. No matter what your conversion motive is, measuring its metric is important to see which social channel generates maximum conversion. You can then track the elements that makes your ads more appealing to the audience on a particular social site and not so in the others.


Social referrals through your current audience as well as through industry influencers, are great in reaching out to more and more people within your industry. Referral helps in generating new audience thus increases your social followers. However, getting genuine referrals are hard to achieve. You need to be really good at promoting your business on social media to earn referrals from influencers.

Monitoring your referral traffic indicates the effectiveness of your social promotional technique. A genuine and highly engaging promotional post on your social media can earn you huge referral traffic. Thus, change or fall in referral traffic would indicate that your social performance is not as your target audience wants to be. You can make changes and accommodate new and improved elements to earn better referrals.

Social share

You can have a huge number of followers who regularly visit your profile. However, sharing your social profiles by your audience within a social network as well as on others is necessary. You can post a single update and compel your audience to share it on different social media sites where it would reach a higher audience number.

Monitoring social media metrics will show how widely your post has been circulated and how many social network users it has reached. The higher the number of social share, the more your business will expand. Social share ensures that your brand is able to reach the remotest of audience and your brand is known by the maximum number of social users.

Monitoring social media metrics is necessary to create new business targets and objectives. Each of the many metrics available provides some data that would benefit you and your brand. While all metrics might not be used for your business decision making process, evaluating your overall social performance can be easily achieved through monitoring various social metrics. Boost your performance and witness your conversion rate shoot up with proper monitoring of social metrics.



03 Jun 2016, 07:35 am

about the author

She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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