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She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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8 Top Social Media Tools For Perfect Business Promotion

The efficient marketing effects of social media and its contribution in the expansion of business expansion and growth is undeniable. The wide reach that the social media networks provide accompanied with the easy access through various devices and the top social media tools makes it a highly preferred marketing platform.

Social media, no doubt, is the most significant platform in the online market. Any business without a social media profile is as well considered non-existent. With social media every business aims to stay visible and relevant to its target audience. The additional support provided by hundreds of free and paid top social media tools are an added benefit that makes social media promotion and marketing a cakewalk.


Here is a list of 10 top social media tools that almost every business, big and small pledge on.

1. Buffer


One of the most popular and highly used top social media tools, Buffer was launched in 2011. It is one of the first of its kind which made the queing system in the top social media tools popular. Buffer allows its users to manage multiple profiles across different social media platforms. It is integrated with all the major content sharing and social platforms. Thus it allows you to handle Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a whole wide range of other social platforms at once. The simple and user friendly interface of Buffer makes it easy to use and manage various social profiles. Buffer’s features indicate the need of improving schedules based on the performances of your social promotion.

Buffer, however, does not provide any analytical or statistical data. Thus you need to use a separate tool to monitor the performance of your social profiles. The tool allows you to handle three social media accounts for free past which there are various plans based on the number of accounts you plan to handle at once.

2. Canva


Images and graphics form a major part of your social promotion. These elements make your promotional ads and social posts more engaging and compelling. Visual contents are a powerful way to generate attention of your target audience in the crowd of social media. However, many businesses, especially the small level businesses and start-ups might not have a dedicated graphics designer. This is where Canva comes to help.

Canva is one of the top social media tools and it allows users to create beautiful and eye catching graphics that can be used in your social media posts. Canva provides a wide variety of filters and effects that can be used to create amazing and interesting visuals. Canva also supplies you with a number of layouts and templates that can be customized to suit your needs. While Canva does provide a number of free templates, you can also choose from the paid ones if you wish to create a more intricate or exclusive image or visual.



Often when you plan to promote your blog or any other post on social media, you tend to place a link or URL for the same so that it can redirect your target audience to the page you want them to visit. However, often these URLs are rather long and tend to take up lots of characters within the social platforms. Promoting such URLs become rather difficult especially within microblogging sites that limits the number of characters in the post. One of the easiest solutions to this problem is using the URL shortner lets you to shorten your URL thus squeezing it within any small place. For example – the following URL “ promoted on Twitter would take up much space thus leaving less characters to fit in the rest of the promotional post. Using, the same URL has been shortened to just ““.

4. AgoraPulse


AgoraPulse is one of the top social media tools which aids in managing multiple platforms. It can be integrated with multiple platforms to manage the various social media platforms from a single interface. Apart from managing different social handles, this tool also provides a number of other features.

You can use this tool to monitor your social performance through various data and statistical performance. You can also run different contests and quizzes on your social profiles directly from AgoraPulse, one of the top social media tools. The interface is user friendly and has an email form of approach. Thus it allows you to check on different notifications right from the inbox.

5. Feedly


In social media, just the promotion of various contents is not enough. With improved content curation, you can expect to have a better reach as you get to deliver better content to your target audience. Feedly, as one of the top social media tools, allows you to curate content. Its features provide you with all the latest information about your industry trends and happenings. This gives you an upper hand in creating relevant content and sharing them that would interest your target audience.

6. TweetDeck


Created exclusively for Twitter, Tweetdeck is essentially a social dashboard that lets you manage multiple Twitter profiles from a single interface. You are notified about the various tweets on real time. This gives you an advantage to interact with your audience directly and immediately. This quick interaction is an added boost that helps in gaining the trust and reliability for your target audience.

7. Inkybee


Inkybee is essentially a social media outreach tool that helps you to reach out to social media influencers of your industry. The interface of Inkybee, one of the top social media tools has been built such that you can easily reach for various influencers from different social media platforms. As influencers play an important role in the promotion and boosting of your social media profiles, reaching out to various influencers and establishing a strong network with them is necessary.

8. Social Clout


This is one of the top social media tools and is a must have if you wish to manage and monitor multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard. You can monitor your promotional performances, audience engagement, keyword performance etc. directly from this tool. Social Clout allows you to track your progress in the social media based on demograph, psychography and social activity. This helps you in understanding your performance through the different social platforms that you promote your business on.



25 May 2016, 05:15 pm

about the author

She is a book addict and net savvy. Pursuing her Masters in English. Loves to travel and wish to travel all around the world. Studying is a major part of her life. Keeps up with the latest trends in fashion but not a fashionista herself. Loves animals and would like to live in a ranch one day.

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