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7 Top Startup Accelerator Programs In The USA

Top Startup Accelerator Programs

Silicon Valley in the U.S.A is synonymous with heavyweight names such as Facebook, Google, Intel and many more. Apart from housing the topmost companies in the world, Silicon Valley is home to numerous startups from across the globe. These new companies, with an aim to bring about a change in world, are coming in hordes and flocking the Silicon Valley alongside companies like Uber and Snapchat. These young startups require venture funding, quality mentorship, A-graded talent and strategic guidance in order to thrive in the fierce competition and change the world through their own ideas. To help them in their venture, there are the top startup accelerator programs emerging globally, especially in the United States.

The Silicon Valley eco-system can be quite difficult for these young startups to merge into, and it might prove to be even more difficult to make quick and efficient connections and move fast. This is where accelerators and incubators come into play. A majority of these startups seek help from these accelerators in order to efficiently and quickly plug into this ecosystem. Below is a list of the seven top startup accelerator programs that operate in the U.S. Silicon Valley.


1. Y Combinator

Y Combinator

Considered by many as the one of the top startup accelerator programs, Y Combinator serves as a gold standard as far as startup accelerators are concerned. Started in March 2005 by Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston, Robert Morris and Trevor Blackwell, Y Combinator has become the best seed accelerator for startups in the Silicon Valley. Though it’s not much focussed on overseas startups, its A-list mentors, investors and business advisors more than compensate for that. With over 700 companies having already sought its help, Y Combinator has been quite successful in getting them funded. Certainly our leading pick of the day.

2. Techstars


Founded in 2006 by David Cohen, Jared Polis, Brad Feld and David Brown, Techstars is primarily a mentorship-driven accelerator for startups. Considered as one of the top startup accelerator programs at present, Techstars accepts lesser than even 1% of the total applications that come its way. Techstars holds programs of 13 weeks in Boston, Seattle, New York City and London among others. With over 500 active companies under Techstars, it is definitely poised to be one of the global powerhouses in the startup accelerator department.

3. AngelPad


Launched in September 2010, AngelPad was found by Thomas Korte and six other people who were former Google employees. It has completed over 130 investments in over 90 companies. Focussing mainly on web and mobile technology startups, AngelPad follows a 12 weeks on-site program. With its great amount of real “face-time” interactions, add to it an amazing cohort of mentors and founders, AngelPad can never be left out from the list of top startup accelerator programs.

4. 500 Startups

500 Startups Accelerator

500 startups was founded in 2010 by Dave McClure and Christine Tsai. Having funded in over 1300 technological startups, 500 Startups must be congratulated for efficiently bridging the gap between Silicon Valley and the rest of the globe. 500 Startups boasts of a top-notch program that looks after most of the difficulties that a startup founder from abroad is likely to face. Add to that their Geeks on Planes Program and Dave McClure’s presence, and the results are bound to be positive. Their growth is also quite fast, which makes us incorporate 500 Startups in the list of the top startup accelerator programs.

5. Tandem


Founded in 2007, Tandem is one of the top startup accelerator programs for entrepreneurs who aren’t native to Silicon Valley. Tandem has been able to carve out its own niche among the hundreds of startup accelerators that have crowded Silicon Valley at present. It only focuses on mobile though, and that’s what sets it apart from the rest. It backs a total of 24 startups per year, and that too through a 6 month programme. Investing a significant amount in each of the startups that it takes up, Tandem acts as the temporary home of these startups in the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

6. Founders Space

Founders Space

Steven Hoffman and Naomi Kokubo had founded Founders Space in March 2010. Founders Space looks after the all round development of the startup concerned. It boasts of a highly flexible program that is best suited for startups from abroad. Founders Space has formed a great strategic relationship with governments and the top startup accelerator programs from across the globe. The countries included in this are Korea, China, Austria, Japan and many more. Founder Space also has quite a robust and secure online accelerator that is extensively being used in foreign universities.

7. Plug and Play

Plug And Play

Founded in the year 2006 by Saeed Amidi, Plug and Play is primarily an early stage investment firm counting among the top startup accelerator programs and focuses mainly on technology startups. Plug and Play has been quite aggressive in courting foreign entrepreneurs and thus attracts startups from across the globe. It has also fostered relationships with quite a few foreign governments, and works towards providing quality training and knowledge for companies from abroad.
Being at the helm of a successful startup requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and more importantly it requires the right guidance and funding. The top startup accelerator programs in the U.S.A. have come up with the idea of doing just that – helping these young startups in the funding and talent acquisition departments among others. With hundreds of accelerators to choose from, it might become difficult for a new entrepreneur to select one. Our list provides the names of the leading startup accelerators out there, so no need to worry. Just go through, select and apply. Who knows, you might become the next big thing in the Silicon Valley!



12 May 2016, 01:22 pm

about the author

An ardent soccer-lover, he also loves to pen down on different social and current events. His flair for creative writing opens him to various kinds of subjects. One of his favorite leisure activities is listening to music from all genres.

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